September Premieres – Over it.

I don’t need to watch ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ ‘H8R’ or anything on CBS to know that they’ll never be worth my time every week, so they’re all omitted from this list.

This season’s new series that I’m already so over:

2. The Playboy Club

If you somehow had the impression that this show is anything like ‘Mad Men,’ lucky for you a MOB BOSS was murdered by way of STILETTO THROUGH NECK five minutes in.  NBC tried to sell it as “empowering” to women but somehow Gloria Steinem is not convinced, the PTC is getting involved and ratings are apparently awful, so maybe theres no point in including this at all?

1. Whitney

No contest win. Full disclosure: I watched this train-wreck only so that I would have the right to call it ‘Shitney.’  I usually hate laugh tracks (which, according to Whitney Cummings, aren’t used on this show) but in this case I wouldn’t have identified the “funny” parts otherwise.


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