September Premieres – Undecided

Its never easy to blow a show off after just one episode.  First episodes are traditionally awkward and uncomfortable but even given that handicap, I’m still not sure if I’m going to ditch or continue:

3. Terra Nova

On the one hand, its Declan from Degrassi!  Look at the gorgeous set! Steven Speilberg!  On the other hand, look at the cheesy CGI. The daughters are annoying. Why does every movie or show have to tint the future blue and use clinky computer sounds? There was a lot of hype around this show but I’m not sure I’m buying it yet.

2. Revenge

This show got off to a fast start – maybe too fast?  I know that if given a chance the show will clear it all up, but it better be good after that ridiculous black wig/prison flashback.

1. X-Factor

I’m torn, you guys.  I love Simon Cowell and LA Reid is proving very entertaining – but two hours on two nights a week? Its asking a lot and not giving anything in return.  Lots of those contestants that you’re supposed to laugh at, lots of drunk Paula, lots of mean LA Reid but not enough actual talent.  I have a feeling it’ll get better once the initial audition process is over and I’ll stick around until then.  Don’t let me down, Simon.


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