October Premieres

Just when you think fall premieres are over October sneaks up from behind…

Grimm – October 28th on NBC/CTV

A “mystery/fantasy/crime drama” about a present day cop protecting people from the bad guys in storybooks and fairytales.  Oh, I should mention it stars a former MTV reality star. Maybe it’ll be so bad it’s good?

Once Upon a Time – October 23rd on ABC/CTV

I guess fairytales are the new vampires/zombies/board games/whatever-Hollywood-is-going-to-make-me-sick-of next. ABC’s Once Upon a Time is set in an alternate world where fairy tale characters are normal people who don’t remember their true identities. ABC dramas are generally great about having a sense of humour (Revenge excluded) and I’m on board to see where this goes.

Allen Gregory – October 30th on Fox/Global

I’ve watched the trailer at least a dozen times since the upfronts and I’m still laughing.  While Allen Gregory follows the precocious kid/fish out of water model that can get old really fast, I’m unabashedly excited about quoting the little guy obnoxiously in my tweets (…apologize in advance.)


2 thoughts on “October Premieres

  1. Yeah I should have read this earlier, I wouldn’t have been so in the dark about Allen Gregory. Lesson learned! Also, WHICH MTV reality star?!

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