“Vulnerable is a big word for me. A big word for me. I like it though.”

This happened: 

…and not much else. If the producers can’t be bothered to fill two hours with anything exciting, this blog will rest as an act of defiance.  An express recap: 

  • Horse’s dad’s name is Harry Cox .
  • Kacie B. looks like the before in a commercial for shampoo and tries to impress Ben with a baton twirling routine. Her dad doesn’t take too kindly to folks like Ben round these here parts.
  • Nicky talks without getting naked. Naturally, Ben is pretty bored.
  • Courtney and Ben make their own version of Blakely’s scrapbook. They get fake married to the vows from the Sex and the City movie.  He is totally hot for her.


1. Courtney
2. Horse
3. Nicky

Kacie B. loses her mind in the limo, repeatedly screaming “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED?!”


Dear Kacie B.,

Next time you have weeks to prepare for a camera crew coming to your home, hit the hair salon.  You didn’t and it cost you love forever.  Date a boy your own age who will appreciate your baton twirling and high school football fields.

Hila and Jas


Ben and the girls are going to Switzerland. Fantasy suites and full recaps.


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